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Helpful Information Regarding Audiobook Recording:

Here are some statistics that will help you to determine how much money you may need to budget for your audiobook recording:

  • An average audiobook is 100,000 words in length. (Narrators count words for audiobooks, not pages).
  • 100,000 words = approx. 11 hours of audio
  • 11 hours of audio = 22 hours of voice in the studio
  • It usually takes 2 hours of recording for every finished hour of audio.
  • It takes about twice as long to edit a voice over than it does to record it (including QA).
  • 11 hours of audio = 44 hours of editing
  • The Complete Production of a 10-Hour Finished Audiobook = 60-90 hours of work *This includes pre-reading the book, researching pronunciations, recording the narration in studio, quality assurance and proofing, recording corrections, editing and audio mastering.
  • “Per Finished Hour of Recording” refers to the final product (for ex. an 11 hour audiobook)
  • “Per Working or Labor Hour” refers to the amount of time a narrator spends reading, recording, editing and proofing the audiobook for final delivery.
  • A good way to estimate the number of working hours is to multiply the hours of finished audio by 6 (Producer, Voice Coach & Talent, Xavier Paul, says an average of 6.2. to be precise). This is a very conservative estimate of the number of real-time hours a professional narrator will spend in preparing to read, record, edit, proof and deliver your book.

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Helpful Information Regarding Length of Copy for Commercials:

Although there are exceptions to every rule, and I have been known to be able to squeeze a lot of copy into a 30 second commercial, here are some numbers to use as a guide. For spots requiring more emphasis and “romancing” of copy, it’s probably a good idea to go with the lower number of words:

  • A 60 second commercial can contain up to 150 words
  • A 30 second commercial can contain up to 75 words
  • A 15 second commercial can contain up to 36 words

Some More Interesting Information:


  • Average person reads 3 words per second (range is 2 to 4)
  • Average person reads 88 words per half minute (range is 60 to 120)
  • Average person reads 170 words per minute (range is 135 to 215)
  • Average person reads 10,320 words per hour (range is 8625 to12,030)

LINE COUNT: (12 point Arial, double-spaced, margin-to-margin)

  • Average number of lines per page: 21
  • Average number of lines per 30 second spot: 7.5
  • Average number of lines per 60 second spot: 15

WORD COUNT: (12 point Arial, double-spaced, margin-to-margin)

  • Average words per line: 13 (range is 8 to 18)
  • Average words per page: 273 (range is 168 to 378)

READING TIME IN SECONDS: (12 point Arial, double-spaced, margin-to-margin)

  • Average reading time per line: 4 seconds
  • Average reading time per page: 100 seconds (1 minute and 40 seconds)

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