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Thank you for your interest in working with me on your project. While every project and every client is unique, I’ve found that there are some basic questions and concerns that are universal and frequently asked by clients. I’ve included some of these below, but if you have other specific questions that I’ve not addressed here, please feel free to ask! Your comments and special requests are always welcome. 

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While I’ve had basic rate sheets in the past, I’ve found that there are often special circumstances that come up that adjust the rates accordingly. It is most helpful for me to have as much information as possible about your project in order to give you a firm and accurate quote:

1. How is your script going to be used? Is it:

  • Commercial: Radio, Television, Internet or other (Regional/National/International)
  • On Hold, Phone messaging or IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Corporate or Non-profit Narration: Internal company use only, Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, Point of Purchase, Direct Mail, Tutorial, Training, Presentation, Industrial/Educational
  • E-learning Program
  • Video Game, Online Game or App
  • Documentary Narration: Television, Internet, DVD distribution (Regional/National/International)
  • Voice Acting: Children, Young Adult or Adult programs; Television, Internet, DVD distribution (Regional/National/International)
  • Web or Product Narration: E-learning, E-books, Website audio
  • Podcast
  • Promo, Station ID, Program Radio Imaging
  • Audiobook
  • Walking Tour, Realty Tour or other multimedia project
2. What is the length of your script in words (how many words does it contain)?
3. If it is a commercial, where will it air and how long will it be used?
4. Will I be creating multiple files in the case of Narrations, E-learning, etc.?
5. What is your desired delivery format? Are there any technical specs I should be aware of?
6. Will you need just a voice record or will you need original music, SFX or sound design, final mixing/mastering or other creative services for your project?
7. What is your budget for this project?
8. What is the project’s time-frame/when are the files due?


Clients Worldwide

I can usually turn around simple short-form voice over projects within 24-48 hours (or less), depending on when your project arrives and how full my schedule is on that particular day. Other long-form projects or those with multiple creative elements can be booked with me as far in advance as you like. I will always give you my most accurate estimate as to how long they will take, and take deadlines on my part very seriously. I know that your project and timeline is most important to you, and as I am a producer as well, I join your team with the same respect for urgency, accuracy and attention to detail, as I’m sure you expect from the rest of your team. As I am sometimes relying on others, in the instances where I am including original music compositions or casting for other voices for example, I use my list of dependable professionals whom I’ve worked with many times in the past. They are experienced, talented, reliable and professional.

I am also happy to book days/weeks for you in advance for longer or more complicated projects. Just drop a line to get your project in the book.


Style & Delivery

It is most helpful for me to have an understanding of the vocal style that you are looking for. I can’t stress enough that you can and should be as descriptive as possible here. The more descriptive you are in tone, style, speed, attitude, delivery, characteristics, etc. the better job I can do to make sure you and your team are delighted with the delivered results. If you heard specific cuts from any of my demos that are closest to what you want, please let me know the exact ones they are. It will help me to recreate that style for you or to deliver whatever type of read you and your team hoped for when you imagined the project at it’s finest.


Payment Options

I am able to send a PayPal invoice to be paid by credit card or bank account prior to releasing the entire voice file, as well as sending a digital invoice via email (for businesses inside the U.S.), should that be more convenient for your company’s billing procedures. If you don’t already have a PayPalaccount, upon receiving your invoice, it’s very easy to follow the prompts to set one up. If that is not possible for your workflow, please just let me know and I will be happy to accommodate however possible. My job is to make your life easier. For PayPal, please send payments to: crystal@placenarration.com.

Out of the United States: I work with many clients out of the United States, and have the ability to send files quickly, be in touch at times that are convenient for your teams when requested, and handle translations and records in other languages as well. If your team is outside the U.S., the project must be paid in full prior to releasing the final files. Please see the General Terms section below for more information, or contact me anytime with questions.

Re-cuts: I will also be happy to correct any mistakes on my part at no extra charge, if any are discovered after sending the complete files within 30 days of delivery, (such as mispronounced product names). I also always include a free round of revisions if I am self-directing. If the client decides to make copy changes or decides on a different vocal style after the original files are recorded, there is an additional minimal charge. Please see the General Terms section below for more information.

Rate Card & Client Booklet

Free Helpful Client Booklet!

My intention with this booklet was to be as helpful and thorough as possible, but if you have other specific questions that I’ve not addressed here, please feel free to drop me a line! In this downloadable document you will find:

➡ The Info & FAQ Above (pg. 2-4)

➡ My Rate Card Guide (pg. 5-10)

➡ General Terms & Conditions (pg. 11-13) 

➡ Some Helpful Information (pg. 14-15)


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