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Hi! I’m Crystal.

It’s always nice to have a face with a voice,

so here I am.


How’s your day going?

After years of working on hundreds of projects, (for world renowned agencies Arnold Worldwide and Digitas, and then in the corporate video, television, film and documentary worlds), I’ve come to understand what clients need and should expect from a polished, professional voiceover. I also have a wonderful network of talented composers who I work with regularly and are ready to produce an original score (short or long-form) that brings each project to a new level of completeness. The voice of your project is important (of course), but adding just the right music can wrap up the package to make something that was great – remarkable.

Over the years I also came to realize that, while I enjoyed and seasoned my skills of producing jobs from start to finish, I also delighted in using my voice, interpreting and creating, to fill the needs of my clients. More and more I learned that this work, to me, really is play. The way that some musicians just enjoy playing their instrument after a long day, delight in playing with my voice to get just the right tone – whisper, smile, sarcasm, warmth, joy, concern, excitement, sincerity, humor, depth, storytelling – that my clients want for their projects. And I enjoy collaborating with them to give them everything they were hoping for when their projects grew and flourished in their imaginations.

Because my background came from the creative and producer side, my services still include producing a full spot or narration piece for you or your team from start to finish, (including full recording, editing, music and SFX if needed, mixing & mastering). I also love to edit copy (I’ve a bit of a love affair with words), and would be happy to edit your script for you, if you find you could use some creative writing assistance with your project. I also know sometimes my voice just isn’t the right one for a project, and in those instances I am happy to cast for other voices, if that fulfills your needs. Re-cap: You may hire me as just a voice talent, writer/consultant, your creative producer (or the whole shebang). 

Soup to nuts – or just the one ingredient. 

Drop a line anytime to request a quote. Free custom voice over auditions are also available upon request. Email me a portion of your audiobook or script and I will promptly send a custom demo.


And thanks again for stopping by!

I look forward to offering my services to you and your team.