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Hi there, I’m Crystal (Place). I’m a full-time Global Voice Over Artist and Producer who offers voice over services for Commercials, E-Learning, Corporate and Non-profit Video, Audiobooks and E-Books, Tutorials and Training Videos, Presentations, Documentary Narration, Promos, Podcasts, Voice Acting for children and young adult projects, On-Hold, IVR and Phone Prompts, Walking and Real Estate Tours, and other multimedia endeavors. (But as might be apparent, I thoroughly enjoy what I do, so if you have a project you’d like voice work for that is not listed, please feel free to drop me a line and tell me about it! I’m always happy to provide a free custom audition upon request).

Feel free to have a listen to my Commercial Reel here, and you may find all my other reels and work on my LISTEN page here (or via the handy buttons below)!

On Hold & Phone Prompts

Creative Services

My voice is often described with words like “bright, sweet, warm and conversational.” Other common ones are “smart, friendly, unique and the girl-next-door.” Whatever your needs might be, I’d be happy to provide just the read you imagined for your next project. Whether it’s a fresh, organic voice to share your new product with the world, a friendly, believable read that invites them in, a hip, 20 or 30-something that’s got the scoop, a user-friendly voice that can engage people simply and clearly with complicated technical terms, a real-live conversational read that delivers your story, capturing your “readers” from chapter to chapter, or a fun and playful voice that engages children and parents alike – I’m your gal. I do this full-time, and because I love it. My work is professional quality, and my background lends me the skills to identify the various needs of my clients and their projects, (and happily adjust until they are, frankly, thrilled with the results).

It is my goal (and pleasure) to delight my clients, and I enjoy the challenge of executing reads just as you were hoping for, (and surpassing your expectations is always fun too). I offer competitive rates, have flexible availability, take direction well or can self-direct and provide a finished file. I also have professional ISDN access, and can connect easily to your studio – anywhere in the world. Most recently I’ve done work with clients in Israel for phone-prompts (yes, they “traveled” all the way to the U.S. to find the perfect voice for their phone system!), a multi-national products and services trading company based in Switzerland, Wells Fargo, The Step Up Women’s Network, and for a learning device company (with nearly every word in the English language) for adults in Korea. I’ve also just finished work as the audiobook narrator for the first in “The Ghost Handler Series,” a young-adult book series for Belle Bridge Books. I am a storyteller at heart, so if I had to choose a favorite method of delivery, storytelling is mine, but I also really enjoy teaching and E-learning. Really, I just adore the wonderful variety of work I get to do. (It sure keeps the days interesting!)

If you’re looking for a fresh and versatile female voice over, I invite you to have a quick listen to my VO reels Listen page – or to request a quote if you like via this handy contact form. I also have my own professional studio, the superb Shure SM7B microphone (most beautiful one I’ve recorded with yet), top of the line professional Audio-Technica ATH-M50 closed studio headphones, and use ProTools for editing – so you can always expect quality and timing to be top-notch.

(And if I’m not your gal, because my voice isn’t right for every project, I’d be happy to cast in my database of other VO talent, and produce the spot or project for you from start to finish, soup-to-nuts. Need the voice-over script I recorded for you also translated or recorded in Japanese? Spanish? French? Korean? Or another language? I would be happy to handle that need for you as well. Due to my years in the business, I also have a wonderful network of composers and sound designers across the country that I work with regularly. So if your team might benefit from a little creative services help or should such services just be a useful addition to your project, hop on over -> here).

And warmest thanks for stopping by!

Have a beautiful day,